We serve professionals in many varied industries, from the surveyor measuring land boundaries to the archaeologist preserving historical sites.

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At HxGN LIVE 2016 in Anaheim Leica Geosystems announced Leica CityMapper as part of the RealCity 3D reality capture solution.

Leica DS2000

Utitliy Detection Radar. Increase safety, speed up work and lower asset management costs with the ability to prevent hazardous outages and collect more information.


Our wide variety of trusted instruments and engaging software is used in a diverse mix of applications benefitting professionals worldwide.

New Partners

Leica Geosystems partners with DotProduct LLC, SpheronVR AG to deliver new solutions that complement and augment workflows while increasing quality.

Leica Pegasus:Backpack

Wearable reality capture sensor platform. Map indoors, outdoors, underground, anywhere at a level of accuracy that is authoritative and professional.

Case Studies

Read how customers from around the world are putting our diverse solutions into action to shape smart change.

Exploring the surface below water

Exploring shallow water environments for new markets.

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