Escaping the Flatlands

Mladen Stojic

Mladen Stojic
Hexagon Geospatial President

"Escaping the Flatlands"
Thursday, 28 September, 10:00 a.m.






We collect data. We flatten it into layers. We build maps to deliver a message. We stack data layer on top of data layer, attempting to create a static picture that replicates reality. This is like showing people a sheet of music and telling them they have just experienced a symphony.
We need change. We need to escape the flatlands of static, flat maps.

With the increase in data sources – some of them even recording in real time – we can escape the confines that traditional geospatial technology has imposed upon us. We can begin building a new and meaningful interactive experience that communicates information.

Join Hexagon Geospatial President Mladen Stojic as he showcases novel, real-world examples of how we experience geospatial information. This keynote will introduce easier ways to ingest the influx of data, automated approaches to analysis that extract the signal from the noise, and intuitive ways to communicate insights to decision makers and field teams to shape smarter change.


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