Off the boat, into the air

Off the boat, into the air

Author: Benjamin Federmann, October 2016

If you plan on driving from Kristiansand to Trondheim on the coastal highway E39 in Western Norway, strap in for an approximate 1,100-kilometre ride that can take up to 21 hours by car. Due to the seven fjords that must be crossed by ferry, the trip can be quite arduous.

With the installation of either suspension or floating bridges or submerged floating tunnels, the Norwegian Public Roads Administration or Statens vegvesen is looking to cut the trip to 10.5 hours. The nearly 23 billion Euro infrastructure project would produce the world’s longest suspension bridge at a main span of 3,700 metres or the world’s first submerged floating tunnel.

The project began in early 2015 to transform the current two-lane highway to four-lanes with an 11-kilometre tunnel along with other road construction works. The entire project is scheduled for completion by 2035.

To keep construction on schedule and provide contractor oversight, Statens vegvesen contracted Hawkeye AS, a surveying firm specialising in final documentation of 3D deliverables and a joint venture of Veseth AS and Rune Samnøy of Samnøy AS, to provide orthophotos and models of the project. To do so, the firm turned to the Aibotix Aibot X6 UAV to collect the needed imagery for tracking costs of mass movements, documenting progress and keeping stakeholders up to date.

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Story: Off the boat, into the air
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