Leica PAV100 - Common Sensor Platform

Precise aerial sensor stabilization for any system, at any flight condition

Precise sensor stabilisation during camera exposure is essential for good data quality, no matter the sensor. The successor to the well-known Leica PAV80, the new Leica PAV100 keeps the sensor in stable nadir view and fully compensates for any aircraft movement during the active exposure time. It provides automatic drift control and pitch, roll compensation using precise IMU data. Introducing a unique Adaptive Control feature significantly improves the stabilisation performance of the Leica PAV100 compared to its predecessors. It is not only the best gyro-stabilised platform on the market, it is the best ever built.

And there is more good news: The Leica PAV100 stabilized mount is compatible with all Leica airborne sensors as well as a wide range of other sensors, allowing the user to change quickly between sensors inside a unified aircraft installation. This reduces cost and simplifies operation.

Performance indicators:

Cost savings

  • More efficient photo flights
  • Less stress on the flight crew
  • Fewer flight lines due to perfect drift compensation and accurate side lap

Best stabilisation

  • Automatic correction for angular motion
  • Perfect vertical photography
  • Superior image quality
  • Automatic drift setting
  • Wide stabilisation range

Any system

  • Leica ADS80 and Leica ADS100
  • Leica RCD30 Standalone and Leica RCD30 Oblique
  • Leica ALS product series
  • Leica DMC IIe and III digital frame camera series
  • Leica DragonEye
  • Leica Chiroptera II and Leica HawEye III
  • Support 3rd party interface for any airborne sensor

Any flight condition

  • Fast, wide-range angular motion compensation as required during turbulent flights
  • High-accuracy stabilisation to stabilise during smooth flights
  • Operates in a wide environmental range 

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