Webinar: New Opportunities in Pipeline Surveying

Online webinar
20 Sep, 14:00 PM - 20 Sep, 15:00 PM EDT

More than 83,000 miles of pipelines are planned and under construction worldwide, and all of these pipelines must be surveyed and mapped for asset management and compliance reporting. What's the best way to create and maintain a successful business model in this exciting and challenging market? Glean insights from subject matter experts Nichole Killingsworth and Ashley Veal of BSD Consulting as they share their views on the market's most pressing needs and challenges. 

You'll learn: 
- How to use changing regulations to your advantage. 
- How to bridge common gaps in the pipeline data lifecycle with the DASH application from BSD Consulting. 
- How to achieve streamlined end-to-end surveying and reporting by combining DASH with the new Leica Captivate Pipeline application. 

Get the information that will give you a competitive edge in this rapidly growing market.

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