Leica RCD30 Medium Format Camera

Multispectral RGBN imagery

Leica RCD30

A true Masterpiece
The Leica RCD30 Series is not only true imaging innovation, it remains a masterpiece. The Leica RCD30 offers performance that is otherwise only known from large-format airborne sensors at a lower cost and thus makes digital multispectral photogrammetry available to everyone.

The Leica RCD30 boasts quite a number of innovative and unique “world‘s first“ features and is the only suitable medium format camera for photogrammetric and remote sensing applications:

  • 60MP and 80MP single camera heads deliver co-registered, multispectral RGBN imagery
  • Mechanical Forward Motion Compensation (FMC) along two axis
  • Ruggedized and thermal stabilized lens system with innovative bayonet mount and user replaceable central shutter with automatically controlled high precision aperture
  • Modular concept for single standalone, multihead and oblique configurations
  • Full integration with Leica ALS LIDAR and other third party sensors as well as the Leica MissionPro and Leica FlightPro Software

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