Leica DragonEye Oblique LiDAR Sensor

Industry-leading 1MHz airborne oblique LiDAR sensor

Leica Dragoneye LiDAR Sensor

Designed for urban mapping and utility corridors

The Leica DragonEye oblique topographic LiDAR sensor was designed knowing the world isn’t flat. Specifically engineered to survey complex urban landscapes and utility corridors with obscured objects, this high-performance LiDAR sensor features two oblique laser sensors and two digital cameras - one for high resolution imagery and one for quality control.

The innovative dual scanner head creates a preeminent point density and features a unique oblique scan pattern. In one pass, each ground target will be illuminated by four laser shots at multiple incidence angles, maximising vertical surface definition and minimising shadows in the survey data.

High-performance technology delivers five bands of data

  • Enhanced vertical surface definition due to dual scanning LiDAR with oblique and near-nadir views
  • Efficient real-time full waveform analysis with up to 15 discrete returns extracted
  • High accuracy with 1 MHz effective measurement rate and tightly coupled GNSS-IMU solution
  • Maximum data output from each flight with the integrated Leica RCD30 digital camera, providing four bands of image data in addition to the LiDAR scanner’s XYZ and intensity data
  • Utilise the high laser pulse rate by  collecting multiple pulses up to 1600m AGL with the Multiple-Pulse-in-Air (MPiA) technology
  • Improved data accuracy and survey efficiency when used with the gyro-stabilised sensor mount PAV100, which compensates for the aircraft movement
  • Interchangeable and modular sensor heads enable to turn the Leica DragonEye into a bathymetric LiDAR sensor, making it a flexible and cost-effective solutions across multiple applications

Designed for various topographic applications

  • 3D city modelling in complicated urban environments
  • Power transmission line and distribution network surveying
  • Forest surveys and monitoring
  • High accuracy city planning and land resource monitoring

Fast and automated workflow

The Leica LiDAR Survey Studio (Leica LSS) turns data processing of waveform and position data, calibrations, correcting refraction and incorporating four-band camera data into a fast and automated workflow. Manage projects, analyse data and create point clouds with maximum efficiency, using one intuitive interface.

Leica DragonEye LiDAR Sensor
Data products: Point cloud in elevation, RGB, CIR and NIR view

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