Leica ALS70 Airborne Laser Scanner

Performance for diverse applications

Leica ALS70 Airborne Laser Scanner

The Leica ALS70 is a single family of systems that offers this level of flexibility and productivity, without compromising on quality and accuracy. Three models, Leica ALS70-CM, Leica ALS70-HP and Leica ALS70-HA, share a common platform (of a high-performance laser, scanner, range counting electronics, position/attitude measurement subsystem and user interface, flight planning and execution software), to create a range of laser scanners designed to meet the varied needs of the airborne survey market.

Leica ALS70-CM
is designed for city and corridor mapping applications from lower flying heights. Ultra-high-density can be achieved by flying in small aircraft or mounted in helicopter pods, taking advantage of the low-profile scanner.

Leica ALS70-HP
is designed for general purpose mapping at the flying heights most widely used, and can accommodate greater terrain relief due to its higher maximum flying height.

Leica ALS70-HA
is a high-altitude variant, allowing the markets highest flying heights, for wide-area mapping on a state or national level.

Leica ALS70 – a total package
ALS70 systems come complete with peripheral products and software that provide a seamless workflow from mission planning through point cloud generation.

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