Leica HxMap 3D Modeller Advanced – 3D City Modelling Module

The advanced 3D city modelling module for Leica HxMap multi-sensor post-processing workflow

Leica Geosystems Airborne systems software - Leica tridicon BuildingFinder

Leica HxMap 3D Modeller Advanced software module is specifically designed for your most cutting-edge 3D city modelling needs. It consists of two components:

  • Leica RealCity BuildingFinder for automated object recognition and reconstruction
  • ContextCapture by Acute3D, a third party software to create mesh models.

Leica RealCity BuildingFinder – Automatic object recognition and reconstruction
When using aerial images or airborne LiDAR, the interaction of harmonised software components ensures an automatic workflow from image/LiDAR capturing via high density 3D point clouds to the completed 3D city model. Every object is allocated its own semantic description. Every object in this city model can, therefore, be individually selected, administrated and processed:

  • No use of building footprints required
  • Fully automatic recognition of building objects in 3D point clouds
  • If available, use of NIR information for classification of vegetation
  • Generation of the building geometry from segmented wall and roof faces
  • Semantic description of building parts and buildings
  • Freely editable 3D building objects
  • Optional fully automatic photorealistic texturing of the objects with the RealCity TextureMapper
  • Export formats: CityGML, Shape, OBJ, VRML, Collada, KML/KMZ, Personal-GDB

Leica RealCity Webinar

Urban mapping made easy with new generation airborne sensor technology.

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