Leica HxMap 3D Modeller Basic

The 3D city modelling module for Leica HxMap high-performance post-processing workflow

Leica Geosystems Airborne systems software - Leica tridicon CityModeller

Leica HxMap 3D Modeller Basic software module is specifically designed for your most common 3D city modelling needs. It consist of three components:

  • HxMap CityModeller
  • HxMap TextureMapper
  • HxMap 3D Editor

Leica HxMap CityModeller – Automatic generation
The CityModeller enables the automatic generation of 3D city models from building footprints and stereo aerial imagery and/or point cloud data. The source data can be combined and individually prioritised.

Point clouds based on the Semi Global Matching algorithm are calculated in the area of the building footprints, when using stereo aerial imagery. On top of the existing building footprints, different roof types as well as combinations of those will be modeled with the help of the point cloud data. Lastly, the 3D building models will be intersected with a digital terrain model (DTM).

Leica HxMap TextureMapper – Automatic roof and wall surface texturing
The TextureMapper automatically generates textures for roof and wall surfaces. Geo-referenced aerial images (nadir and oblique) and geo-referenced terrestrial digital images are suitable image sources.

In the process of generating the textures, the occlusion and the angle of incidence are taken into account. The best suited image or, if necessary, several images are used to texture a facade.

Leica HxMap 3D Editor – Photogrammetric work station
The 3D Editor is a full photogrammetric workstation for stereo aerial photogrammetry. The 3D modelling of buildings is supported by building primitives and simplifies the creation of the models. Existing building models can be refined by adding details, such as dormers, chimneys and other roof structures. A direct display in a 3D window allows the control of the model from all perspectives. The automatic intersection with a DTM completes the 3D model.

The 3D Editor supports all common image formats. Project specific configuration files and the use of shutter glasses for stereoscopic analysis facilitate the editing.

The 3D Editor allows the integration of existing Shape and DXF files and exports into formats like DXF, VRML, ESRI SHP, multi patches, CityGML, KML / KMZ, OBJ.

This software component can be used as a stereo workstation on a PC with stereo capable combination graphic card/monitor. Without a stereo capable PC workstation a usage in mono mode is possible.

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