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Leica JetStream Generator

JetStream Generator is an application for converting Cyclone based point cloud data and storing it in the JetStream ProjectVault. In a fashion similar to unify the point cloud data (which will be familiar to Cyclone users), Generator creates a new spatial index for the data to improve its rendering characteristics and connects to JetStream ProjectVault to store the newly generated data. As those familiar with unifying point cloud data may know, this can be a time consuming process. JetStream Generator address this time factor and accomplishes this task 2x to 3x faster than unifying and even more importantly, the resulting data can be as much as 10x smaller.

One general aspect of the JetStream platform is to separate the “Point Cloud Expert User” from those consuming users using CloudWorx, who simply want to access point cloud data as part of their design or analysis process. JetStream Generator is the tool, used by the expert to select a single point of entry from their vast and possibly complex Cyclone project. They then “Generate” a “Single-entry-point” project which is stored in ProjectVault and accessible easily by the consuming users.

Leica JetStream Connectors

JetStream connectors are simply a license component that allows any JetStream client to connect. This concept of “Number of concurrent users” is a very common mechanism in client server systems. Leica’s implementation of these connectors provides a great convenience to organisations utilising the JetStream Platform.

First of all, the JetStream Connectors are “Generic”. Any connector allows any client to connect. You don’t need to concern yourself with different connectors for different applications. For instance, if your organization uses both CloudWorx for AutoCAD and CloudWorx for Revit, you only need one type of connector to support any users of either application.

The connectors are offered as a “Pool” of available connections so a large group of users can share a smaller pool of connectors, saving money by sharing connections in situations where not every users needs access at all times, the most common case.

Finally, connectors are purchased on a term basis (usually per-year), so organizations can adjust yearly purchases to match the increase and decrease in requirements for project software, an important capability.

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