Leica JetStream ProjectVault

The JetStream core component

Leica JetStream

JetStream ProjectVault is the core component of the JetStream ultra-high-speed point cloud project server. Users implement the ProjectVault on a centralised server location within their network and it offers true Client/Server functionality with all of the organization benefits of such modern systems.

The Back-End
The ProjectVault provides powerful “Back-end” services that are almost transparent to the end user. This purposeful “hiding of the details” is actually one of the great benefits in terms of user productivity and really at the heart of the value of the solution.

The JetStream ProjectVault administrator has complete flexibility to setup and configure the server for the best use of the organisations resources and needs and benefits from the centralised location of important point cloud project data.

  • Selective data storage locations
  • Support for all manner of modern data storage, network storage, disk arrays, etc.
  • Complete (optional) user access control
  • Ease-of-management

The Front End
One the front end, ProjectVault provides simple and productive interfaces to ensure that all of the various types of users remain fully productive.

For content creation users, who will be using JetStream Generator to place new point cloud projects into the ProjectVault, there is an ultra-simple process that lets them simply access the project vault and request project creation by providing a few simple pieces of information; such as which Cyclone point clouds to include in the project, a project name and to select one of the storage locations setup by the administrator.

For content consumers, such as CloudWorx users who want to access point clouds from inside their selected CAD system, the JetStream ProjectVault offers up a simple list of recent and all available projects. Users simply select form a single list of available projects and even get a short list of projects they have recently loaded. The system actually remembers each user and saves all of the settings from their last visit for every project.

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