Webinar: Utility Detection Survey - Project from A to Z

Join the Leica Geosystems Utility and GPR expert, Steve Davies, taking you through a Utility Detection Survey - Project from A to Z

14 May, 10:00 AM - 10:45 AM

Join Steve Davies, Detection Expert in a webinar on how a project needs to be planned to and executed to get the best results.

This 45-minute webinar, the second of Steve's webinars gives an A-Z overview of what is involved in completing a Utility Survey. From collecting existing records, mapping the network, processing data to a final output. See EML used through the process, a few tips thrown in and generally what is involved to get results. Steve used a Leica Ultra for site work.

Topics include:

• Existing record drawings, why we need them.
• Site walk and visualisation, why we need them.
• EML data collection, where do we start and why.

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