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CSI Effect Webinar

This webinar discusses and demonstrates the key aspects of our HDS solutions from the approach of the traditional crime scene investigation response.

“When it has to be right” is the motto of Leica Geosystems. We are acutely aware that getting it right is critical in the world of Public Safety and we arm you with the tools to do so. Our hardware and software are ideal for deployment in traffic reconstruction, tactical planning, emergency management, disaster response, homeland security, fire and post blast analysis, among the many areas of potential benefit. This webinar discusses and demonstrates key aspects of our solutions from the approach of the traditional “crime scene investigation” response. This webinar addresses the end-to-end Public Safety solution from hardware deployment to registration software (Cyclone REGISTER, Cyclone REGISTER 360), analysis tools (IMS Map360) and data sharing options (JetStream, TruView Cloud).

Leica Geosystems laser scanner hardware offerings include the robust ScanStation P-series encompassing the tried and true P30, P40 and P50. Leica Geosystems also offers a more tactical imaging laser scanner in the BLK360. Both hardware systems are discussed. The Leica Cyclone suite of software is also presented with an emphasis on how it can solve for the “CSI Effect” - by empowering you with the high-tech means to accurately record a crime scene and effectively share it with colleagues, command staff, attorneys, judges, juries, and anyone with a stake in the outcome of a criminal or civil investigation.

The forensic specific component of our solution, IMS Map360, is a part of the Leica Geosystems Incident Mapping Suite. It is the solution for crime scene reconstruction with the flexibility to import your data from a wide range of sensors and analyse your scene with intuitive tools that are essential to the crime scene reconstructionist.

In this webinar, we walk you through the import, analysis, and output from IMS Map360. You will see just how quick and easy it is to transform your 3D crime scene data into accurate and compelling deliverables, complete with evidence markers, trajectory ballistic cones, and bloodstain pattern analysis. Our Evidence Report Wizard produces a PDF file containing scene photos, videos, notes, supplementary documents and diagrams. The QA/QC Report Tool can prove essential when finalising scanning report details that matter for courtroom admissibility. We will also show you how to share your IMS Map360 reconstruction as a COE file back into Cyclone and publish it into a TruView.

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