Technology highlights at INTERGEO 2022

Visit us in Hall 3 to discover Hexagon’s innovations to sustainably design, build or maintain the infrastructures that shape our world and create our future. Experts at our booth will answer your questions and provide hands-on demos.

These are the most important products and innovations Hexagon will show at INTERGEO 2022.

Leica AP20 AutoPole

Get to know the Leica AP20 AutoPole, an innovative solution for automated total stations that boosts productivity to the next level through tilt compensation, automatic pole height readings and unique target identification.

The AP20 AutoPole combines an intelligent sensor module with the new AP Reflector Pole and operates with Leica Geosystems’ existing automated total stations to create a unique solution for autonomous workflows. It opens up new possibilities and is the world’s first device on the market that solves three common workflow challenges: holding the pole vertical and stable, entering the pole height manually into the field software and locking to a foreign target on a site with multiple reflectors.

Leica Pegasus TRK

Find out about new reality capture mobile mapping system, Leica Pegasus TRK, introducing artificial intelligence, autonomous workflows and intuitive interfaces. 

The Leica Pegasus TRK solution utilises artificial intelligence capabilities to transform mobile mapping. The advanced dynamic laser scanning and expandible imagery system for recording, measuring and visualising environments increases productivity with automated, intelligent workflows. The Pegasus TRK is so light that it can be operated by one person, making mapping projects more efficient and cost-effective. Because of the system’s user-friendliness, it is suitable for professionals who are new to the technology. At the same time, its reliable, high-quality deliverables serve the needs of technical experts in various industries, including surveying, transportation and utilities. The Pegasus TRK solution features an AI-enhanced camera and automatic camera calibration.

Leica BLK360 Imaging Laser Scanner

Discover the all-new Leica BLK360 – an advanced precision imaging laser scanner.

At the push of a button, users can capture a full scan with spherical images in only twenty seconds - over five times faster than the BLK360 G1. Blaze through job sites with best-in-class rapid scanning that doesn’t compromise on quality, while the Visual Inertial System (VIS) Technology automatically combines your scans on-site to speed up your workflow and help you make sure your datasets are complete. The BLK360 enables users to work faster and smarter while getting the data they need immediately.

Leica DMC-4 Airborne Imaging Sensor

Meet the Leica DMC-4, a highly efficient airborne imaging sensor providing unsurpassed image quality for various applications and complex mapping environments.

The new system continues Leica Geosystems’ tradition of combining industry-leading optics with precision mechanics to deliver the highest mapping performance. The sensor provides superior image fidelity by leveraging the CMOS-based Leica MFC150 camera module with Leica Geosystems’ unique mechanical forward-motion-compensation (FMC). The production-proven technology extensively used in Hexagon’s Content Program has already surveyed 1.2 million square kilometres and delivers crisp, full radiometry at faster aircraft speeds across various operating conditions.


Learn about AiMaps from IDS GeoRadar – the company’s newest solution for utility professionals.

AiMaps is the new cutting-edge tool for IQMaps - IDS GeoRadar’s post-processing software application for advanced ground penetrating radar (GPR) data analysis – leveraging Artificial Intelligence for a new smart productivity in Utility surveying. AiMaps is a SaaS solution exploiting Hexagon’s HxDR platform for Reality Capture to run data processing on cloud for a resulting enhanced tomography of the utility network. AiMaps provides an intelligent view of underground utilities driving down time and workload in radar data processing and interpretation.

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