Land Air Water

Chapter 3: A growing potential

Land Air Water

A growing potential

Apart from this project, IngenieurTeam GEO uses the Aibot X6 with various sensors mainly for terrain surveys, surface evidence documentation and visualisation tasks, such as animations, simulations and 3D displays. With direct access to point clouds, the firm is accepting more and more complex projects, something it was unable to do in the past. After more than 45 aerial projects and about 350 individual flights, IngenieurTeam GEO continues to be impressed by the data accuracy of its Aibotix Aibot X6 while seeing nothing but positive ROI on its investment.

"Using the Aibot X6 for aerial data generation has allowed us already to reduce our outdoor process times from entire days to hours or even minutes," said Schwall. "We consider the interlinking of different Leica Geosystems technologies and the interaction between software and survey instruments to be the crucial difference to classical surveying methods and commercially available photo drones. This combo make it easy for us to generate data and to provide our customers with essential information.”

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Story: Land air water
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Chapter 2: Flying high, measuring low
Chapter 3: A growing potential

Reporter 74 - May 2016

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