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2022 is another year with challenges: The pandemic has not yet been defeated worldwide; geopolitical tensions have reached a new intensity; insecurity marks the economic framework conditions; and the climate crisis remains unresolved. Resilience is still the name of the game.

At HxGN LIVE Global 2022, Hexagon CEO Ola Rollén spoke about sustainability challenges in a post-lockdown world. Quoting the former Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius, he explained that “what stands in the way, becomes the way” — autonomy will provide solutions. HxGN Live Global hosted 3,000 customers live in Las Vegas and reconfirmed the power of connecting people and face-to-face conversations. A simultaneous, well-attended virtual event enabled those unable to join in person to be involved as well.

Hexagon is all about forging connections — between people, but also between data and platforms; between the field and the office; between the real world and its digital reality. Interconnected devices, seamless and automated workflows that bridge hardware and software, cloud-based collaboration — our solutions ensure the uninhibited flow of insights improving collaboration and enhancing decision making. These connections power the autonomous future where business, industry and humanity sustainably thrive.

Hexagon’s business initiative R-evolution is leading the way toward that vision. It invests in profit-driven projects that have a positive impact on the environment. Its solar park in Spain uses our sensors and software to optimise operational efficiency. Read more in the article by Erik Josefsson, CEO of R-evolution.

Many think of the metaverse as a digital hub of immersive, interconnected and interoperable spaces — for entertainment and gaming experiences. But businesses and the environment, too, stand to benefit tremendously from these digital worlds. Burkhard Böckem outlines in his article the vast potential of Hexagon’s Smart Digital Realities, where “Metaverse meets business”.

We marvel at the historic architectural gems and sometimes forget the contribution of its unsung heroes: surveyors. Smart Digital Realities are the future wonders that will empower us to protect the planet. Surveyors are the innovators who will lead the way. In a world of technology, people make a difference. Read more in Craig Hill’s article. Speaking of ambitious projects: Did you know that we are in the midst of the “Greatest construction project in history”? Find out how Hexagon is re-imagining construction from the ground up and empowering the industry to be exponentially better. A case in point? Read how “AI-empowered construction progress documentation and real-time site control benefit construction.”

In this issue of the Reporter magazine, we feature customers that use our innovative sensing and software solutions to build connections among people, assets and data to facilitate better collaboration, faster decision making and safer work environments. It makes us proud that our solutions are used to make national road networks safer, capture data for sustainable decision-making in entire countries, help protect marine ecosystems, make mines safer and smarter, and protect people on construction sites. Your projects make our technologies and solutions shine.

We look forward to more challenging and rewarding projects with you. Enjoy the read

Thomas Harring

Thomas Harring
President, Hexagon's Geosystems division

Read our customer stories here:

Metaverse meets business

The latest wave of Smart Digital Reality innovations leverage artificial intelligence, robotics and other technologies that empower customers to sustainably create and manage real-world systems in a digitally immersive environment.

R-evolution in progress: digitalising solar energy production

R-evolution focuses on reinventing how industry addresses complex environmental challenges, leveraging multiple Hexagon technologies to construct and operate its cutting-edge solar farm.


Latest Geosystems happenings

News Feature

Introducing the Leica AP20 AutoPole – the world’s first tilt pole for total stations.

Around the world

Around the world. Every day. Any application. Hexagon's Geosystems division features customers.

What will be the next world wonder? Ask a surveyor

The future wonders are Smart Digital Realities that will empower us to protect the planet. Surveyors are the innovators who will lead the way.

Efficient mapping of Danish highways

With more than 11,000 km the Danish Road Directorate contracted Getmapping to survey the road state network with the Leica Pegasus: Two Mobile Mapping Ultimate.

The new Leica Pegasus TRK Neo solution

Interview with Alessandro Nuzzo, Product Manager for Mobile Mapping Systems at Leica Geosystems, part of Hexagon.

5 ways to unlock your business potential with 3D laser scanning

Derek Twente, Director of Geospatial Services at TWM, shares lessons learned and 5 key strategies that have helped TWM expand and thrive with reality capture services.

Germany's digital twin: toward a smart digital reality

The world has undergone tremendous change in recent years. We’ve learned that significant world events are utterly unpredictable. Our planet’s major ecosystems are buckling under the strain of human activity.

3DNL - The Netherlands from every angle

Cyclomedia and Hexagon collaborate to create a first-of-its-kind photorealistic 3D model of an entire country.

Sharks, scientists and tech innovators team up to protect marine ecosystems

Hexagon’s sustainability business venture R-evolution is leading the way in accelerating the transition to a sustainable global economy by identifying and attracting capital to finance business opportunities that benefit the environment and society.

How AI-powered progress documentation and real-time site control benefit construction

Using video capture technology with AI for documentation and tracking to share the progress of the construction site.

Building a next-generation hospital

As-Built verification with the Leica iCON iCR70 to create pre-fabricated timber frame elements.

Digital twins for manufacturing facilities to optimise operations

A digital twin can simplify the process to redevelop properties to fit new production lines.

The greatest construction project in history

Hexagon is re-imagining construction from the ground up with Smart Digital Realities and empowering the industry to be exponentially better.

Can digital construction save the planet?

Data science is often focused on social, financial or manufacturing processes — but what about construction?

Precise milling with Leica iCON pave 3D machine control solution

Automation and machine control technologies help contractors mill the surface of an 11.5-kilometre-long motorway section in Switzerland.

Automation and the smart, connected mine

Above and below the surface, every mine is unique, but common goals unite all mining operations: reduced costs, increased productivity and improved safety. Digitalisation of mining operations is increasingly helping companies to achieve these goals. Forming part of this trend is automation. And at the heart of automation is a more connected ecosystem of technologies.

Connect and protect: technology for a safer, smarter mine

Miners face numerous daily dangers above and below ground: poor visibility, blind spots, fatigue, distraction and slope instability, for instance. Heavy machinery, monotonous work and long hours heighten the risks. Point solutions supplied by multiple vendors are no match for such a wide array of risks. A comprehensive safety response demands an integrated technology portfolio, proven change management and a collective commitment to zero-harm culture.

Drilling Accuracy

Drilling accuracy proves golden for aussie mine

Hexagon company, Minnovare, enabled the Cracow Gold Mine in Queensland, Australia to extract $59M of narrow-vein ore through improved drilling accuracy. Minnovare Director, Mick Beilby, explains how.

Automated volume monitoring with Leica BLK247

Gain real-time volumetric insights about bulk goods like grain, wood chips, chemicals and other precious resources.

Public Safety in 3D

Public Safety in 3D

(Em)powering collaboration, increasing safety and simplifying workflows

Reporter 90

Read the entire magazine
Read the entire magazine

HxGN LIVE Pure Surveying Keynote

Watch as President of Hexagon's Geosystems division, Thomas Harring and Craig Martin, President of Hexagon’s...

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