Leica Captivate –Release of v2.00 with a whole bunch of exciting new additions

Leica Captivate

Last week, Leica Captivate v2.00 was released. With this release came new GS sensors, new total station and MultiStation functionaty and a host of new features in the software.

In this blog post, Alastair Green, Onboard Software business director at Leica Geosystems explains a ttle more about the Captivate release…

Alastair – please briefly explain the new features

Well yes, it has to be brief – there is a lot in this release!

Firstly are the new Leica Viva GS16 GNSS sensors. The development of this new sensor has already been explained in this blog but basically, this new GNSS sensor with RTKplus, Smartnk, 555 channels and new RTK algorithms will allow users to work in locations where it has never previously been possible.

With regards to the Leica Nova MS60 MultiStation we have introduced Dynamic Lock – a fantastic time and money saver! Basically, it is no longer needed to stand still and wait for the instrument to find and lock to the target on the pole – the MS60 will locate and lock on the target while it is moving.

There’s big savings for Machine Control too, such as staking points (where the pole is often laid down), and in any busy location where there may be a lot of obstructions. This blog will give you more information.

Also for the MS60 and for TS16 instruments we have improved the performance of all instruments in rainy/foggy conditions.

In addition, we have a new setup method called “orientate to object” – this is perfect for measuring objects with their own coordinate system (such as a large concrete beam, see below)

Leica Captivate

Or when working on a moving platform – such as a ship (see below).

Leica Captivate

Leica Captivate

Image showing a tunnel design against reality

All sounds great! Alastair – what else is there?

We also have introduced plenty of other features:

– The ability to scan or measure a road surface or tunnel alignment and compare reality to design

Leica Captivate

Image showing a road design against reality

– A long-range Bluetooth stick for our Leica CS35 tablet,

– The ability to search for a job in the Home screen,

– And a whole lot more.

What is the best way to find out about all the new features?

All features are fully described in the release notes. Leica Captivate v2 Release Notes_EN

How do you decide which features to include in a release?

Good question!

Of course there are always many more features being requested than we can implement. It simply is not possible to implement everything for everybody. There are lots of criteria which govern which features are implemented. For example:

– Which features have been requested by the most people

– Which features are needed to support new hardware (for example the GS16)

– Which features will give maximum productivity improvements

– There are sometime special projects for which we must implement new features

What do you do now?

We work on the next release of course! I cannot yet say exactly when this will be, but we hope to bring some exciting new features very soon. Typically we have one major release each year, but we are now hoping to also introduce smaller releases at shorter intervals. We are aware our customers like to have new features as soon as possible – and we are trying our hardest to do this.

Thanks Alastair!

No problem. My pleasure.

Leica Captivate

Alastair Green
Onboard Software business director
For more information on Leica Captivate please click here.

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