7 Best Practice Tips for AEC and Building Documentation - Webinar

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As the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) fields have started to adopt 3D laser scanning as the method of choice for documentation and in recent years, technology has influenced the way we design, manage and document the built environment.

The introduction of sophisticated 3D modelling and BIM has opened the eyes of designers and constructors alike to the opportunities that technology can offer, improving productivity, increasing accuracy and reducing costs. The move from 2D to 3D has helped the industry to become more profitable, productive and better organised.

3D Reality Capture is the latest technology improving understanding and documentation of the built environment. Using ultra-accurate laser scanning combined with high-definition imagery, whole environments are captured quickly and in detail to create a digital 3D environment that can be explored, measured and annotated, for a fuller understanding of the building.

In this webinar, we discuss ways to maximise efficiency when laser scanning for rapid analysis as well as long-term data utilisation throughout AEC.

When time on site is a premium, it is critical that your team can make the most of every minute to prevent return trips and to stay on schedule. 3D laser scanning is an excellent option for users who want to increase the efficiency of their workflows and deliver greater value to their customers.

Building Construction Laser Scanning expert, Clair Vander Zwaag, shares seven top tips to maximise planning, data capture and delivery to the client.

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HDS-Softwareløsning - Webinar

Vi diskuterer implementering af 3D-laserscanning.
Vi diskuterer implementering af 3D-laserscanning.

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