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5 Reasons to join Hexagon at INTERGEO 2023

By Thomas Harring, President at Hexagon’s Geosystems division

INTERGEO is an amazing event! The exhibition and conference program provide countless opportunities to learn. I always gain valuable insights from the geospatial community. I look forward to seeing you engage with our new software and sensor solutions at our booth and to experiencing your reactions first-hand. Berlin, the location of this year’s INTERGEO, is a vibrant city: It is global and diverse, has a rich history and keeps evolving. The perfect environment for innovative minds to come together.

These are my five reasons why you should join us at INTERGEO 2023:

1. Step into the technological future at the Hexagon booth

Technological advancements are reshaping industries, and surveyors must transform their businesses alongside them. At the Hexagon booth, you can tap into the power of digitalisation and experience the benefits of transformation: Elevate your deliverables; produce highly accurate and detailed surveys with greater efficiency; complete projects faster and achieve exceptional results. Get more done in less time with fewer people and access your data seamlessly through the cloud — wherever you are, whenever you need it. Our solutions are designed to break down barriers and foster seamless communication and collaboration: Connect the field and the office; unite assets and data; unlock actionable insights and help your clients make informed decisions based on actionable insights that provide a holistic view of their operations.

Visit the Hexagon booth to embrace the game-changing potential of digitalisation and join the journey toward an autonomous future.

2. Discover how to harness innovation to grow your business

Unleash the power of technological advancement to expand your business and unlock new opportunities. Leverage your geospatial expertise to branch out into new areas. Discover how integrating cutting-edge technologies can open doors to generate fresh revenue streams, enhance productivity, improve safety and deliver more valuable outcomes. We are committed to being your trusted partner on this transformative journey, ensuring you make the most of your skills and surveying technology. Explore a range of innovative solutions for surveying, measurement and reality capture, such as TPS and GNSS, GIS, laser scanning, utility mapping and detection, building construction, monitoring, mobile and airborne mapping, and witness the possibilities unfold as you chart a path toward growth and success.

Join us to explore how to generate new revenue streams, increase productivity and safety, and provide richer, more valuable deliverables.

3. Become part of the future of construction with BIM

BIM is a key topic at this year’s INTERGEO and at the Hexagon booth, and we look forward to presenting Hexagon’s latest solutions in this field including the HxGN AEC Project Viewer. BIM empowers professionals on-site to integrate geospatial data into the digital modelling process, collaborate effectively with other stakeholders based on the same data and information, identify challenges early in the construction process, enhance accuracy and efficiency, and expand their service offerings. Surveyors bring valuable geospatial knowledge and expertise to the table. Embracing BIM technology allows surveyors and other construction stakeholders to play a central role in shaping the future of construction and infrastructure development.

Get to know Hexagon’s market-leading BIM solutions.

4. Get inspired to harmonise sustainability and profits

Discover the power of sustainability in driving profitability while protecting the planet and your people. Get to know our solutions that enable you to reduce waste and minimise your environmental impact while making your operations safer, leaner and more profitable. Geospatial professionals are integral to creating Smart Digital Realities that enable policymakers to tackle complex challenges like urban overheating, flooding and environmental changes and make informed decisions to improve the urban climate long-term. At Hexagon, we believe you can make a positive impact without compromising on profit.

Talk to the experts at our booth about how Smart Digital Realities equip you with the most accurate and complete geospatial data, automated processing and interconnected systems for more productive, more efficient and less wasteful operations.

5. Learn how you can go beyond the digital twin to create Smart Digital Realities

Digital twins form the modern basis for sound decisions. Object-based virtual images of existing or planned buildings, technical facilities or entire cities provide intuitive access to actionable insights. Hexagon facilitates digital twin generation with AI-based proprietary technology, enabled by proven automated workflows and powered by HxDR. Hexagon’s Smart Digital Realities represent the next step in the digital twin evolution. They are continuously updated digital representations of an object or an environment fusing the real and digital world into one reality. Smart Digital Realities drive our vision of an autonomous future in which industry, people and the planet sustainably thrive.

Visit the Hexagon booth to witness how we bring autonomy to the digital twin to transform its function and utility far beyond a single source of truth.

Come for the technology, stay for the conversation

I enjoy networking with the geospatial community and seeing customers and business partners. It is always a pleasure to put our latest technology into your hands and watch you discover our workflows. Our booth is filled with the latest technology, staffed with Hexagon experts and designed to make you feel welcome. Take a break; catch up with peers; discuss trends and challenges. Coffee is on us.

Our booth will provide the right environment to reconnect with long-standing acquaintances and meet new people from the industry.

Click here to join us and get your free registration code to attend INTERGEO 2023.


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