LiDAR Sensors

Leica TerrainMapper LiDAR Sensor

Leica TerrainMapper

Flexible linear-mode LiDAR sensor for various applications in regional mapping projects

Leica SPL100

Single photon LiDAR reaches highest efficiency over large areas.

Leica Chiroptera II

Shallow water and coastal mapping system.

Leica HawkEye III

Leica HawkEye™ III

Bathymetrischer Tiefenwassersensor zur Erfassung von Meeresgrunddaten bis 50 m Tiefe


Airborne sensor software solution.

Airborne LiDAR Mapping Webinar

Leica TerrainMapper: New generation LiDAR technology for mapping of complex terrain

Leica RealCity Webinar

Urban mapping made easy with new generation airborne sensor technology.