Leica TruView Local

Easy access to 3D laser scanning data

Free Leica TruView Local software is for anyone who wants to view, measure or markup rich, laser scan point clouds. All that is needed are access to file sets made by Leica Cyclone TruView PUBLISHER and a free license of Leica TruView Local. Access, viewing, measurement and markup can even be done via internet!

Using Leica TruView Local is intuitive – no skills in laser scanning, CAD, or 3D are needed. TruView provides panoramic images of High-Definition Survey point clouds on your computer as if you were standing where the laser scanner was.

Users can easily pan, rotate and zoom and have access to an intuitive set of markup and measurement tools. TruViews can also contain Hotlinks, specialised markups that can contain hyperlinks to predetermined documents or applications. Users can create these links in Cyclone and have them published along with the TruView data. This provides an asset data integration capability.

Features and Benefits

  • View TruView file sets locally or via the web
  • Full markup capabilities within views, incorporating measurements and hyperlinks to asset information
  • Include Cyclone 3D models in TruView scenes
  • Publish TruView positions from scanners setups or user-created positions (from either user-inserted cameras or user-defined intervals along Leica Pegasus mobile trajectory tracks)
  • Publish directly to TruView Enterprise *.tvg format for easy drag-and-drop to TruView Enterprise Servers (requires TruView Enterprise software license)
  • Publish high-resolution 4k images and true colour point clouds
  • Free download of TruView plugin (see below)

TruView Local Plugin:
To request a free copy of Leica TruView Local, please click the button below and complete the registration form.
NOTE: Viewing TruView requires Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) and the TruView plug-in.

TruView Samples:

Office Park TruViews
Scene: Parking lot, parking structure, and street intersection in business park
SiteMap: Created from AutoCAD map drawing
Rendering Method: Point cloud colour from images with background images

Plant Site TruViews
Scene: Large plant site
SiteMap: Isometric screen image from Cyclone
Rendering Method: Grayscale coloured point cloud, 3D models, and sky\ground background included

Heritage TruViews
Scene: Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris
SiteMap: Isometric screen image from Cyclone
Rendering Method: Point cloud coloured from HDR images with background images

Tank Site TruViews
Scene: Remote Tank Farm
SiteMap: Isometric screen image from Cyclone
Rendering Method: Point cloud coloured from images, 3D models, and background images included

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