Leica Pegasus:MapFactory

Fast and efficient workflow from data collection to feature extraction.

Leica Pegasus:WebViewer

Leica Pegasus:WebViewer

Browser-independent data sharing platform on the cloud

SiRailScan by Leica Geosystems - Mobile Sensor Platforms - Software

Leica SiRailScan

Leica SiRailScan is a complete software package providing extraction and analysis of 3-D laser scan data for the rail industry.

Leica ATrack Suite

Modular software assists the intelligent processing of railway infrastructure data.

Leica SiRailManager

Leica SiRailManager is a server-based solution used to display and manage complete national rail track databases.

Leica SiRoadManager

Leica SiRoadManager is a server-based solution used to display and manage complete national, state or highway agency databases.

Leica SiTrack:One Webinar

Learn how SiTrack:One reduces the time surveying personnel spends on the track whilst collecting survey-grade 3D point clouds.

Leica Pegasus:Backpack Webinar

Learn how this wearable platform captures and calibrates imagery with point cloud data even in GNSS-denied areas.

Stories & Insights

Discover how mobile mapping technology enable our customers to regularly capture and digitise changing environments in 3D.