Geotechnical & Structural Monitoring

Real-time monitoring to save lives


Ensure Quality and Efficiency in Construction through Innovative Monitoring Solutions


Designing and building new infrastructure in the modern world brings unprecedented challenges. You need accurate, real-time information on every aspect of the construction process, as well as the ability to measure structural movement to millimeter-level accuracy. Our state-of-the-art monitoring solutions empower you to detect and react to potential problems before they occur.

From accurate and reliable total stations, GNSS receivers and geotechnical sensors to powerful analysis and event management systems, our solutions provide you with 24/7 monitoring capabilities on bridges, high rise buildings, tunnels, nuclear power plants, landslides, mines, volcanoes, ski lifts and more.

Get crucial insights on the current and future implications of structural movements. Minimize safety and structural integrity concerns. Reduce risk exposure before, during and after a construction project by continuously monitoring the project as it progresses through its lifecycle, and obtain the critical information you need to prevent disasters. Our proven solutions give you the ability to manage and monitor structures for the best possible outcomes.