Leica Infinity Survey Software

Infinitely connected

Infinity is the user-friendly geospatial office software for the measurement professional.

You need to prepare, process and trust the measurement data before using it. This is exactly where Infinity comes to play.

Infinity is designed to manage, process, combine, analyse, quality check and share all field survey data from total stations, digital levels, GNSS systems and UAVs in one software. When different data types come together on a field project – BIM, CAD, GIS, and more – you want to be using software where combining, extracting, generating and exporting this data is effortless. Also, in every phase of the project, Infinity helps you to connect through integrated data exchange services to make moving data much more efficient and leave less room for error. 

Whether you are measuring new survey projects or preparing data for construction layout jobs, Infinity is infinitely connected and it supports your workflow.





Direct access to a broad range of external services and support for various data formats ensure you are using up-to-date data everywhere at any stage of a project. Visualise your data to get to know it. Extract, calculate and prepare the required information to be ready for the fieldwork.


Direct data exchange between office-to-field and field-to-office allows your team to work efficiently with correct data. Onsite, measure everything as planned and in the office, understand what was measured in the field. Infinity supports all surveying sensors and tasks.


Built-in processing tools ensure traceability and reliable results. Combine data and create point clouds, surfaces, comparisons and much more. Comprehensive reporting on each step of the way ensures you are in complete control of your data.


Infinitely connected throughout the entire workflow cycle. Share the data at any stage of a project and deliver required high-quality results using integrated services.


Modular structure of Infinity makes it easy to scale it to your geospatial software needs. You can start with only the modules and features you need and expand the usage and features any time your project requirements grow. Infinity is available as a subscription and as a perpetual licence.


Every project is unique but different types of data are reality of each of them. Infinity combines, extracts, generates and exports a variety of data types seamlessly. Using integrated data exchange services including Leica Exchange, Leica ConX and those by Infinity data partners makes project work much more efficient and ensures all teams work with the right data.

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