Matt Hull - Digital Integration Specialist

Matt Hul - Digital Integration Specialist

Matt Hull has worked in the AEC industry for over 12 years, plying his trade as a qualified Architectural Technologist working on projects of various sizes and complexities.  He also spent 3 years working with an Autodesk reseller as a AEC Software consultant.  To this day, Matt is also a Part Time lecturer for Northern Regional College, teaching foundation degree students in BIM related subjects and City and Guilds 2D and 3D CAD.

“I worked in the mechanical and electrical industry for several years, doing 2D and 3D designs and spatial coordination of services for large scale health care and schools projects.  At the same time, I started an architectural drawing services business providing 2D and 3D CAD/BIM drawings and models for other architectural firms throughout UK Ireland with a few international projects. I started this because I saw a gap in the market for providing professional services for building control detailed drawings and specifications. When working as an AEC software consultant, I was involved in customer demo’s, standard and bespoke training in these solutions, running online and live events and managing a bust Autodesk support team.  Working in this industry I have had the pleasure of training industry professionals from varied disciplines in Construction educating them in Autodesk technologies and workflows”
Matt serves as Leica Geosystems Digital Integration Specialist and is based in Northern Ireland. He is responsible for Software Workflows and Integrations of Field to BIM and BIM to Field data solutions.

Matt has been with Leica Geosystems since 2019, developing software integration and workflows, looking at how Leica Geosystems hardware and software solutions integrate into existing design workflows and ecosystems.
“A lot of this comes down to education and training in our solutions. Once you can show how our solutions can solve customer issues or challenges, you become a trusted advisor, and that makes the difference between a potential customer and a valued customer.”
Before joining Leica Geosystems, Matt previously spent time working for an Autodesk reseller, specialising in bespoke software workflows for the construction industry.  Some of these solutions have included automating processes using visual scripting and writing complex operating procedures and workflows.  Over the years he has learnt lots of little tips and tricks that make tasks easier and applies these to Leica software workflows.
“Being able to have that software experience and then demonstrate our solutions within them, more than just the standard “this is how it works” demo.  This, I feel adds real value to the solutions and workflows that we bring to the market”As with any type of software of hardware integration platform, there are numerous challenges that have to be overcome every day, trying to educate the industry as to what the solutions can provide, how these can be integrated into their existing processes and the benefits that can be gained to name just a few.  There is a perspective within the construction industry that these solutions are designed to catch out incorrect work.  These solutions are designed to aid and streamline the construction processes to meet, sometimes strict deadlines.  Matt has applied his skills to develop solutions that solve real-world issues in the industry, and getting that knowledge out there is key.

Reality capture, BIM and data integration is fast-growing within the industry.  The introduction of new hardware solutions has had a big impact on where the software goes.  This has seen the software go from strength to strength over the years and has altered workflows and mindsets when working with reality capture and setting out data on sites.
“We have some amazing new software updates and exciting new products coming to the market that will enhance some of our workflows.  One of my favourite updates that are coming is CloudWorx 2021.  New fitter tools for CloudWorx 2021 for Revit will allow for the extraction of HVAC Ductwork and Cable tray.”As digital integration develops further due to the demand on construction projects, there is a greater demand for the speed, budget and cost of construction, and with Matt’s expertise, this is an area that our solutions can help by create smoother workflow form Office to Site and back and all of this can be integrated into existing workflows.  The adoption of reality capture and site setup form BIM models can increase the speed and accuracy of construction.


Do you have an enquiry around the rail industry and Leica Geosystems, then you can connect with Matt on LinkedIn.

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