Leica Digicat 750i SMARTREADY Work smarter to reduce utility strikes

Leica Geosystems has released the world’s first SMARTREADY locator capable of seamless communication to 94% of mobile technologies.

Accurately locating underground utilities has never been so straightforward. The Digicat SMARTREADY locators delivers a true digital platform with GPS technology and data logging that will document the where, when and how it has been used.

Seamlessly works with Apple & Android Mobile Devices

The Digicat SMARTREADY is the first locator to communicate seamlessly to both Apple and Android mobile devices.

Improved mobile flexibility allows the Digicat SMARTREADY locator to working with 94% of mobile devices, reducing restriction of use and strengthened fleet utilisation.

To complement the Digicat SMARTREADY instruments, LOGiCAT VU app is available for Apple and Android compatible devices for uploading data in the field back to the office. LOGiCAT VU is free to download and free to use.

Data reduces utility strikes

Capturing the data collected by locators provides improved understanding of the path of buried utilities within a site, where it is safe to excavate, and enhanced site plans.

Combining location data with analysis software provides a powerful and effective tool for monitoring site operations. Being able to monitor the instruments usage allows operators to work smarter, improving how the instrument is operated, and providing evidence of working to best practice

Digicat SMARTREADY Features GPS Receiver & Datalogging

Leica Digicat

The Leica Digicat 750i SMARTREADY provides the latest digital locator technology, with on-board data storage and GPS/GNSS positioning.

The data logging feature records the locators’ activity with a geographical position. The recorded data can be uploaded in the field through a mobile device and relayed back to the office for post processing.

With the LOGiCAT VU software, locate data can be overlaid onto digital maps to show where the locator was used and the path of the survey.

“Deploying Leica’s Digicat cable locators and LOGiCAT VU software, major contractors are reporting that utility strikes are being eliminated,” said Ian Guest, Leica Geosystems marketing manager. “Communications to mobile devices allows data to be transferred from the field back to the office. Restricting communication links reduces effectiveness and lengthens surveying times.”

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The Shift to Digital Construction

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