Vehicle Speed Analysis

Vehicle Speed Analysis


CCTV in conjunction with 3D measurements can help to secure a conviction.

A woman was making her way over a pedestrian crossing on Doncaster Road in Rotherham in August 2016 when she was hit by a car. She died at the scene despite the efforts of paramedics.

The driver denied speeding; there were no skid marks on the road, and no witnesses. However, CCTV footage from a nearby house showed a partial view of the road. By taking 3D measurements of the scene later on, and matching them carefully to the CCTV footage, it was possible to calculate the speed of the vehicle – and to establish that the driver had, in fact, been speeding.

West Yorkshire Police, which provides imaging services to South Yorkshire Police, proved that the unlicensed, uninsured driver had been doing 40mph in a 30mph zone. He was sentenced to 8 years for causing death by dangerous driving, and 2 years each for not having a driving licence or insurance. It took the jury 31 minutes to return a unanimous ‘guilty’ verdict.

What are the benefits?

  • Steps in when no other evidence is available
  • Ability to recreate the scene from data captured long after the event
  • Removes risk and ambiguity
  • More reliable evidence for use in court.


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