Leica DMC III Airborne Digital Camera

Large format airborne camera for wide area mapping


The new Leica DMC III – breaking new ground

Based on all new CMOS technology specifically engineered for airborne applications, this sensor combines the world’s largest single frame  with the most efficient workflow.

With 25,000+ pixels across, the Leica DMC III camera offers the largest swath generated by a single frame. That is 25% more area performance than the closest system. Due to the revolutionary forward motion compensation, this solution delivers unprecedented image quality and the unsurpassed geometric accuracy of a monolithic sensor.

Revolutionary CMOS technology

The DMC III is the first large format frame camera using CMOS sensor technology, thus reaching beyond the limitations of traditional CCD technology.

  • Reduced data acquisition cost due to increased sensor size / area performance and increased data acquisition efficiency by over 40%
  • Capturing more information due to 100% increase in dynamic range
  • Never before achieved image quality because of less image noise and almost zero blooming
  • Integrated workflow, from planning to post processing 90% forward overlap

The Leica DMC III has an embedded flight management and GNSS/IMU system. Customised optics and a class 5 IMU provides highest geometric accuracy.

Unprecedented productivity with high performance workflow

To be No.1, the most efficient camera relies on the most efficient data processing. Based on the acclaimed Leica XPro processing suite, Leica Geosystems is introducing Leica HxMap, the most innovative and intuitive common data processing platform to support fast and efficient processing of all sensors.

Leica DMC III - breaking new ground

The new Leica DMC III airborne mapping solution is breaking new ground by combining the world’s largest single frame camera with the most efficient workflow.

Leica DMC III with Klaus Neumann

Klaus Neumann, vice-president of Technical Sales, Airborne Imagery Sensors, shares his thoughts on the DMC III.

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