Leica TruView Enterprise

Easily share your point cloud data with anyone

Leica TruView Enterprise

Does your organisation utilise laser scan point clouds or plan to utilise point clouds as a part of your ongoing projects? Leica TruView Enterprise is the quick and easy way to share your point cloud data with anyone, regardless of their familiarity with 3D. Being able to virtually visit, measure and create markups with notes and links along with other even more advanced linking capabilities provides productivity and supports workflow requirements for a wide range of activities such as facility and asset management, construction process monitoring and change or RFI management, bidding processes, virtual visits without any safety concerns or delays. The possibilities are endless and the value incredible.

Whether you deploy TruView Enterprise on your in-house server or your own cloud infrastructure, you have complete control to share the data widely with the public or lock it down for internal use only.

For users who wish to harness the power of TruView Enterprise without deploying and managing the service internally, TruView Cloud is an excellent option.

Speed to collaborate in real time
Upload TruView data sets via a quick drag and drop to share colleagues in the field or clients around the world. Snapshots, markups and notes are saved and synced in real time, allowing you to collaborate with your users around the world via the TruView interface.

Scale to accommodate your data
TruView Enterprise scales to meet your needs. 10 base portals can be assigned to each client and each can contain an unlimited number of sites and users allowing you to bundle numerous projects under a single portal. Robust user controls including portal access and roles let you control who sees what and who can change and edit data to ensure its integrity.

Simple to share and navigate
TruView Enterprise offers your clients a free, no-installation required way to view and easily interact with their data from anywhere. Simple, point-and-click navigation, snapshots and markups lets anyone experience the scene as if they were there - no CAD or 3D skills required. Even GeoTags and Hyperlinks are as simple as a click or tap of the finger on touch screen devices. TruView Enterprise is localised in a variety of languages to accommodate global users.

Features and Benefits

  • Share point cloud data via intuitive easy-to-use interface with no CAD or 3D skills required
  • Virtual, photo-realistic visits to project site from anywhere, anytime
  • No plug-in required, free experience from any browser on any device
  • Users can view, pan, zoom, measure and markup
  • Portal-by-portal project management, add, edit or deactivate portals with up to 10 functioning simultaneously
  • Robust user management interface lets you manage user access on a portal-by-portal basis and assign roles or deactivate users entirely
  • Customise your site to suit your needs. Create or edit your custom site address and upload a logo to welcome your clients to your page.
  • Robust, yet simple back end supports backups, license management and updates
  • Support for Leica Geosystems Universal Project File (LGS) including GeoTags and Layers
  • Support for BLK360 IR data including per point temperature picking

Users will require a seat of Cyclone TruView PUBLISHER or Cyclone PUBLISHER Pro to publish data from Leica Cyclone or Cyclone REGISTER 360 to TruView Enterprise.

Contact for Laser Scanning

Get in contact with us for more information about our laser scanning portfolio.
Get in contact with us for more information about our laser scanning portfolio.

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Learn how Leica Geosystems laser scanning solutions are helping professional to shape the future of our world.

A smarter way to view the world

In a world of fast changing technologies and visualisation there has never been a better way to interact, measure and share environments than with Leica Cyclone.

TruView Enterprise

Allowing organisations to share point cloud data freely.
Allowing organisations to share point cloud data freely.