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Efficient, easy workflows, from mission planning to batch extraction and Jetstream collaboration to online web-sharing

Leica Pegasus:Manager is the Reality Capture software client for mobile mapping, a single desktop application for processing, analysing, and extracting features from point clouds and images acquired by the Leica Pegasus Mobile Mapping systems. The Leica Pegasus:Manager desktop client, composed of different modules and enables a tailor-made software suite aligned to your industry focus or project scope. Accurate mission planning, data processing, automated feature extractions, integrated quality reporting, and online publishing makes Leica Pegasus:Manager an efficient single workflow for high-precision deliverables. As an option, Leica Pegasus:Manager can publish Jetstream files enabling Cyclone users to combine multi-sensor projects into a single file for efficient data sharing.

Mission Planning
The Mission Planning module of Leica Pegasus:Manager supports you in the preparation of an acquisition by calculating the best time to collect data - based on satellite constellations, sun position, GNSS base station locations, and GNSS coverage affected by city buildings. As an output, the Mission Planning module provides an estimation of your mission accuracy.

The Processing module inside Leica Pegasus:Manager is a fast, efficient workflow which combines data acquired by the IMU, GNSS, cameras, and laser scanner to create an integrated solution. The integrated GNSS and IMU trajectory calculation, automatically optimises the processing parameters to obtain the highest quality of your trajectory – without manual interaction. The 3D dataset is composed of a calibrated and georeferenced combination of points and images from your entire project. All data can be visualised within the free viewer, simply exported into most common file formats, or online with the Leica Pegasus WebViewer.

SLAM (Simultaneous Location And Mapping)
The SLAM module inside Leica Pegasus:Manager determines the GNSS and IMU trajectory solution for areas with no GNSS coverage - even in totally indoor acquisitions. It is a method of determining a trajectory by comparing your previous position to your current location. A SLAM QC Tool graphically allows you to check and further refine the SLAM calculation by evaluating and visualising the results.

Trajectory Adjustment
The Trajectory Adjustment Module of the Leica Pegasus:Manager is available in two versions: Basic and Advanced; offering different adjustment levels of the trajectory depending on your needs and skill level. The adjustment can be done with the automatic detection of common points (tie points) between multiple passes or through the support of targets such “chevrons”, spheres, image-based targets, or any combination of the above.

An advanced MultiPass workflow allows the user to combine data that was captured multiple times, e.g. by driving or passing the same track of one project, for example, surveying a road or highway with multiple lanes.

Blur Pedestrians & Vehicles Tool
In an age when privacy is now a legal compliance issue, the Blur Pedestrians & Vehicle module is an essential tool within the Processing module of Leica Pegasus:Manager, activated by a dedicated license. This sophisticated algorithm automatically detects cars and people, and blurs them completely to make them unrecognisable. This process is fully automatic, and it is about 30 times faster compared to manual editing. This is a must have tool for anyone sharing their data with clients or third parties.

Road:Factory is a module of Leica Pegasus:Manager that automates the extraction and calculation of the most important road elements acquired with a Pegasus system. It increases the efficiency in your road mobile mapping survey through an all-digital workflow, drastically reducing processing and editing time through automation. Our all-digital workflows, focuses on dramatically reducing the human to machine interaction time of manual operations!

The classification function is based on an AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Machine Learning algorithms, which is the foundation of our powerful batch feature extraction tools, extracting tens or hundreds of kilometres with “one-click” at incredible speeds.

Rail:Factory is a module of Leica Pegasus:Manager that automates the extraction and calculation of the most relevant rail elements. With the batch feature extraction functionality, this module enables the user to calculate, for example, the geometry of the rail tracks and to extract the electric wires quickly and efficiently. Batch 3D clearance tests, of any object, automated feature extraction, and auto-detection of the rail platforms are only some of the integrated features inside Pegasus:Manager Rail:Factory module, formally known as the well-trusted SiRail software suite.

Leica ATrack is a module of Leica Pegasus:Manager that precisely calculates and extracts the rail geometry elements as a position of the track in 2D and height (1D gradient) through our automated functions from Rail:Factory. Based on the axis-points of the acquired data, ATrack calculates the curvatures and parameters of each element. The advanced track-geometry-calculation allows an optimisation of the track geometry in 2D – therefore making new tamping solutions straight forward.

RealTime data exchange
RealTime data exchange is a module inside Leica Pegasus:Manager that, without changing your current workflow, enables a fast and direct streaming interface of 3D coordinates between Leica Pegasus:Manager and your local third party software. Immersive 360° images calibrated to the point cloud enables simple point-to-click immersive virtual surveying as you click – streaming every point to your local 3rd party software.

Leica Pegasus Viewer
Leica Pegasus Viewer is a free software that allows you to quickly check the quality and accuracy of your acquired data from the Pegasus mobile mapping system. It displays the captured mission, and allows the user to seamlessly navigate through the images and point clouds. The Leica Pegasus Viewer enables you to take measurements from the imagery and LiDAR data, and to create reports by combining GIS information with Pegasus imagery and LiDAR data.

Leica Pegasus:WebViewer

Discover the new browser-independant sharing platform for data captured with Leica Geosystems mobile mapping sensors

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Leica Pegasus:WebViewer

Discover the new browser-independant sharing platform for data captured with Leica Geosystems mobile mapping sensors