Leica SiRoadScan: Intelligent Road 3D Processing

Complete roads and highways dynamic and batch as-built extraction software

SiRoadScan by Leica Geosystems - Mobile Sensor Platforms - Software

Leica SiRoadScan enables a complete extraction of the as-built highway network with engineering accuracy. By analysing the as-built infrastructure of the highway network, increased legal compliance to state and local regulations can be identified and cost effective engineering is achieved. With best-in-class batch processing and network extraction work, Leica SiRoadScan is ideal for national highway agencies and departments of transportations.

Features include:

  • Import of scan data format from all scanning systems, LAS, DXF, and ASCII/PTS file
  • Import of control points as geometrical objects
  • Creating of ortho images and ortho view images of the point cloud
  • Export of Tif, DXF, export of the geometry objects as DXF file, ascii file, Export
  • Transformation from geocentric coordinate system into user defined projection system
  • Cluster detection function - surface identification and removing of ghosts and moving objects
  • Batch extraction of the road based geometry (road border lines and centre line), extraction of the pavement (curb detection) and sidewalk lines
  • Export of cross section and longitude profiles along the road centre line.
  • Module for batch collision detection relative to the road geometry - based on predefined clearance profile and taking into account the car body definition, dynamic profile parameters and the road geometry parameters (radiuses, cants, road width).
  • Batch process for the creation of section profiles along the centreline followed by vectorization and export into DXF format
  • Epoch analyses of structural objects (tunnels, bridges) measured with kinematic or static laser scanning system

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