Leica TerrainMapper newest generation linear-mode LiDAR sensor

Increase data collection rate versus flying height, improve flight planning and achieve even point distribution

Leica TerrainMapper LiDAR Sensor

The Leica TerrainMapper is the newest generation linear-mode LiDAR airborne sensor optimised for regional mapping projects. With an operational profile spanning from 300 m to 5,500 m flying height, outstanding accuracy and an unmatched point density, the sensor offers flexibility to be used in complex and changing terrain.

Seamless, extremely accurate data with even point distribution can be captured in mountainous terrain with gateless MPiA. Leica TerrainMapper performs well for regional mapping projects spanning from narrow-swath corridors to high altitude applications over complex and changing environments for the delivery of highest fidelity data.

  • Capture power lines at 100 points/m2
  • Map wider areas with USGS Quality Level 0
  • Perform high-flying-height standoff missions

Leica TerrainMapper is part of the RealTerrain efficient and flexible airborne LiDAR reality capture solution that offers information from accurate, high density elevation data.

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Leading performance

With 2 MHz pulse repetition frequency and sensitivity collection optics, Leica TerrainMapper increases data collection rate versus flying height, allowing you to fly larger swaths for any given point density. Achieve more efficient flight planning and even point distribution for flying heights from 300 - 5,500 m AGL with up to 35 pulses in the air and with no range gate limitations.

Fastest data delivery

As part of the Leica RealTerrain solution, TerrainMapper uses Leica HxMap to process the data. The high-performance, multisensor workflow features the industry’s fastest data throughput and allows processing of LiDAR and imaging data in an intuitive user interface with all the tools you need for calibration, colorisation, quality assurance, project reporting and product generation.

New level of accuracy

TerrainMapper reflects the continued evolution of the Leica ALS sensor series, the most trusted linear mode LiDAR in the world. The new system delivers USGS LiDAR quality Level 0 data up to 2 km altitude, higher than ever before. Delivering 5cm accuracy at greater flying heights allow high collection efficiencies, even in complex and changing terrain.

A natural next step

RealTerrain is the result of Leica Geosystems’ many years of expertise in airborne LiDAR sensing, driving the evolution and constant improvement of both linear-mode and single photon LiDAR solutions. We now offer the most competitive LiDAR technologies in the market as the logical next step in the advancement of the airborne mapping industry.

Leica TerrainMapper

Airborne reality capture with new generation linear-mode LiDAR technology for complex applications over changing terrain.

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