Leica SiTrack:One Rail Maintenance & Refurbishment Solution

Survey-grade 3D point clouds without GNSS for efficient rail maintenance

Leica SiTrack:One ensures complete coverage of the entire rail infrastructure surface without the need to receive GNSS signals for position information. With a one-of-a-kind mounting design, this total solution for rail maintenance and refurbishment produces synchronised engineering, survey-grade 3D point clouds for accurate as-built drawings. A full day’s work of surveying can easily be accomplished with re-chargeable, hot-swappable batteries.

User benefits include:

  • Improved safety for measuring by quickly getting on and off the tracks
  • Increased productivity with easy reality capture software
  • Simple and easy handling of large amounts of data
  • More convenience to work above or below ground

Accurate positioning anywhere

The sophisticated system is equipped with two powerful Distance Measurement Instrument (DMI) or Odometers that provide accurate positioning in GNSS-denied areas, such as underground railway tunnels. The system’s on-site calibration process guarantees permanent alignment of the relative position between the sensors and its onboard inertial momentum unit, guaranteeing position accuracy.

Measuring from any position

Leica SiTrack:One provides a complete solution for any rail maintenance need with multiple mounting options. The Leica Scanstation P40 can either be mounted vertically in the centre of the rails or inverted directly over the rail track. Rail bridge sleeper replacements can be measured quickly generating a numbered as-built replacement plan for each individual sleeper on a rail bridge.

A family of rail solutions

SiTrack:One includes software enabling data synchronisation, post-processing and feature extraction. This solution is part of the SiRail Suite, which includes:

  • SiRailScan, allows for a complete extraction of the railway network with engineering accuracy level
  • SiRailManager , database management tool creates a holistic view of an operator’s railway network from point cloud to geometry and signal layers.

The combination of these solutions form the  SiControl platform, which conforms to the requirements of the  European Train Control System, produces complaint rail xml outputs for full train feedback control.

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Leica SiTrack:One Webinar

Learn how SiTrack:One reduces the time surveying personnel spends on the track whilst collecting survey-grade 3D point clouds.

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