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Leica Geosystems Customer Care Packages (CCP) ensure you achieve maximum value from your investment. When you buy a CCP from Leica Geosystems, you immediately start to benefit from instant access to our global network of professional support and service teams while you work.

When you choose a CCP you profit from:

  • Maintenance and warranty plans that ensure top equipment availability
  • Trouble free usage and minimal downtime
  • Preferred hotline access at no additional cost
  • Keeps your personnel productive by enabling them to obtain professional advice when needed

As a Leica Geosystems CCP customer, you will enjoy the security of our global components, combined with the convenience of local benefits.

These packages are operated by a global network of professional support engineers and service technicians, and are available for total stations, GNSS products, digital levels and controllers, as well as HDS products and software.

Customer Care Package offering
With a range of five different CCPs, you will be sure to obtain the package that best suits your particular requirements and budget. From Basic to Gold, Leica Geosystems has the right CCP for your business.


CCPs are available for different durations and coverage levels.

Customer Support
Benefit from direct telephone and online access to a network of support professionals who will work with you to solve any problems that may arise, whether they are operational questions, instrument configuration issues or general advice. Support requests can be submitted online 24 hours a day.

Software Maintenance
Latest software improvements and new features keep you and your products up-to-date to maximise productivity.

Hardware Maintenance
Periodic preventative maintenance carried out by experienced technical service experts:

The full service history helps your products retain their future sale value.

Extended Warranty
Leica Geosystems surveying instruments come with a standard one-year warranty. This may be extended to a maximum of three years, covering labour and spare parts. An extended warranty provides the additional security of knowing that unplanned costs in the future can be avoided.

Local Benefits
Each sales office enhances the standard CCP with local resources, delivery networks, local language and knowledge of local methods.

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