Capture As-Is Environment

2480X750 capture

Advancements in digital technologies are rapidly affecting the level of detail in 3D building models, and effectively merging reality and digitalisation. Capture the lay of the land and carry out site surveys and set up an accurate positioning network in line with the BIM model to work from.

To get a clear and up-to-date view over construction progress and earthmovings, the Leica Aibot CX solution allows to capture accurate data to monitor and survey the construction site. It opens opportunities for daily progress documentation, stockpile monitoring and resource tracking to increase efficiency.


Volume calculations


Calculating volumes of stockpiles becomes an easy task when executed with a UAV compared to traditional surveying methods. The Leica Aibot CX captures thousands of points from the air in a fraction of the time. The data is used to create a 3D model for more accurate volume calculations.

Progress reporting


Flying and capturing data regularly according to a pre-defined flight plan provides a transparent view of the site progression throughout the project lifecycle and allows to document and compare the as-built status with the design while tracking resources.

Topographic survey


Accurate and recent topographic data and orthophotos of the area are the base for the planning and design phases of construction projects. UAVs can provide recent and regularly updated images and point clouds for highest accuracy topographic information.

White Paper - Unlocking the full potential of aerial data

Integrating UAV data acquisition as part of the existing workflows is important. This allows automation which reduces human error but even more importantly saves time and makes results comparable and repeatable. This allows automation which reduces human error but even more importantly saves time and makes results comparable and repeatable. Next to the hardware, the industry has realised that software and services are just as important. Download this exclusive white paper by Drone Industry Insights (DII) to find out how the right workflow can improve the entire process of aerial data acquisition and therefore your day-to-day operations.

Our reality capture solutions visualise any environment as it is so you can model with accuracy and precision. Our sensor technology provides authoritative documentation for effective life cycle management, to keep buildings viable for years to come.

Leica BLK2GO Handheld Imaging Laser Scanner

Handheld, wireless, and lightweight, designed for fast reality capture on the move.

Leica BLK360 Imaging Laser Scanner

The smallest and easiest to use imaging laser scanner in the world

Leica RTC360

3D reality capture solution combining a high-performance laser scanner and mobiledevice app to capture and pre-register scans in real time.

ScanStation P50 3D Laser Scanner

Leica ScanStation P50 – Long Range 3D Terrestrial Laser Scanner

Maximise productivity by scanning inaccessible places at a safe position on site, reducing time in the field with less setups

3D laser scanner comparison chart

Which laser scanner is right for you?

Surveying is a vital need in today’s modernised and globalised civilisation. Explore the technology and tailor-made hardware and software solutions for all positioning and measuring tasks in road and building construction.

Leica iCON iCR80 Robotic Construction Total Station

Robotic Total Station - High performance total station for one-person operation.

Leica iCON iCB70 Manual Construction Total Station

Most efficient manual total station for construction with integrated 4G modem

Designed for Surveyors: The best total station for every job

Wide selection of total stations ranging from manual to motorised and robotic to deploy the best total station for the job.

Latest GNSS innovation to increase productivity and improve workflows

Visually measure points that couldn’t be reached with the pole tip.

Get the best value for your money.

Learn how to make the best choice in choosing highly reliable equipment.

Using latest Leica detection technologies, localising underground assets becomes a simple and efficient task, increasing safety of on-site crews and assuring protection of buried utilities. Simple detection workflow and results that anyone can understand.


Learn how you can uncover utilities clearly and effortlessly with our portable hardware and intuitive software.