Our Icon

Take a look at how the innovation of Hexagon Geosystems is captured in the unique icon that reflects our identity.


The shape of the Hexagon Geosystems icon symbolises our expertise and innovation in reality-capture technologies. The triangles converge to create a 3D building that represents how we create digital worlds from multiple perspectives, whether it’s a single dimension between two walls in a house or 3D shapes of infrastructure, cities and entire countries.

Our graphic identifier is a reflection of our core purpose, providing our customers with actionable information vital to understanding, planning and executing their projects. This is how Hexagon Geosystems is shaping smart change – through superior positioning, guiding and visualisation solutions that empower you to work with the highest efficiency.

See the icons that represent each of the Hexagon divisions, symbolising how our solutions are shaping smart change to enable limitless potential across vital industries.

Shaping Smart Change

We are shaping change across geospatial and industrial enterprises with innovative solutions that empower meaningful data and ideas to do their greatest good.

Why Shape Matters

In this blog post, Hexagon President and CEO Ola Rollén discusses the importance of shape when looking at our world.