Leica CloudPro Point Cloud Processing

Intelligent point cloud processing for Leica ALS-series

Want to get data processed fast, in your desired format and projection … without having to leave your point cloud generation software? Don’t waste valuable upload/download time going to additional software packages to get data in the right projection. Process large point clouds, even in the field on a laptop computer.

Make it your own and cut processing time even further by running Leica CloudPro remotely via the built-in command-line interface in your custom workflows. Cut costs by running a fleet of workstations from a single licensce server, allowing the entire office to access Leica CloudPro as they need it without buying a licencse for every workstation.


  • Up to 700,000 points per second on a laptop computer, including data loading and point cloud saving.


  • Leica XPro projection engine provides 12 different projection types and 461 unique projections, allowing data to be output in nearly all region-specific coordinate systems
  • Editable grid_parameters file allows creation of new projections as needed
  • Run unlimited instances on the same machine for multi-flight processing
  • Run within your customised workflows using the built-in command-line interface, or directly access Leica CloudPro from GeoCue job management software for off-the-shelf distributed processing capabilities
  • Leica CloudPro is the first point cloud generation software from any manufacturer to be directly accessed by GeoCue


  • Processing and calibration settings are stored in unique flight-line-tagged XML files for ultimate traceability in processed data. Get a definitive record of the calibration constants and data processing settings used for each LAS file processed, for the exact moment processing was completed. No more guessing about what settings were used to process a given data set.
  • Generate beautiful full-resolution TIFF images
  • Serve multiple licenses from a single license server with Flex-Net floating license system; purchase only as many licenses as you need to run simultaneously, not one for each workstation.
  • Input and output filters allow processing to be limited to a specific spatial range, speeding up processing for localised portions of a job
  • Additional output filters available for special applications using various system attributes (e.g., scan angle, scan direction, etc.)
  • Bundled with Leica AHAB LSS Viewer; see and make measurements from point clouds immediately after generating them

Leica CloudPro

Highly efficient point cloud post processor for Leica ALS.

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