Better in Between

Whether you’re building single-story structures or supertall skyscrapers, the details in between planning and completion are critical. Fast and accurate measuring, layout and 3D capture are essential to completing your projects on time and on budget.


With building construction solutions from Leica Geosystems, you can confidently move from manual analogue practices to modern digital technology and significantly lower your operational costs without disrupting your current workflow. Smart reality capture and digital layout solutions help you save time, eliminate rework, gain productivity and reap long-term rewards.


Digitalising your construction process should be simple. With accurate and easy-to-use instruments, intuitive software and trusted services, Leica Geosystems can help you make your projects better in between.




Discover the new Leica iCR80 & iCR70 Robotic Construction Total Stations


The new Leica iCR80

It used to be that speed with precision, ease-of-use and reliability was an unthinkable combination. How times have changed.


The new Leica iCR70

Simplicity is when complex layouts are completed quickly, accurately and easily.