Leica CloudWorx Digital Reality Plugins for CAD

Digital Reality plugins for your favourite CAD systems

Leica CloudWorx
Leica CloudWorx CAD plugins allow users to work efficiently with large point clouds directly inside their chosen CAD system. They can use the native CAD tools and commands and the entire set of specialised point cloud commands provided by CloudWorx.

CloudWorx adds simple tools for viewing and working with slices of point cloud data to:

  • Speed up 2D drawing creation
  • 3D object and surface modelling
  • Enhance survey workflows
  • Improve as-built modelling
  • Simplify modelling in context

Powerful specific modelling and drafting tools enable:
  • As-built piping models and other 3D constructions,
  • 2D and 3D ground surface surveying and modelling and much more.

The Leica CloudWorx plug-ins are available for a wide array of applications:


Utilise the performance speed, scale of project handling, and simplicity of features for deliverable-ready outputs with CloudWorx in all your favourite CAD Systems via Leica CloudWorx Ultimate.

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