Leica Rugby 880 & 870 Grade Lasers

Fully-automatic grade lasers

Increase productivity and reduce costs with the Leica Rugby 880 and 870 construction lasers, highly reliable and accurate in grade applications. Rugby 880 and 870 fully-automatic grade lasers deliver accurate performance in the harshest site conditions, certified by the ISO standard for accuracy and the highest IP rating in the market.


Reliability anytime
Assuring mistake-free application, saving you expensive re-work costs, the fully-automatic Rugby 880 and 870 single and dual grade lasers deliver high and stable laser accuracy.

  • Each laser has been tested according to the ISO 17123-6 standard for continuous accuracy and is delivered with the official calibration certificate.
  • Standing up to the most severe conditions, the Leica Rugby 800 Series are the toughest in the market today with IP 68 protection standard.
  • Leica Rugby 800 Series are the only rotating lasers in the industry with the military grade certification (MIL-STD 810G).


Increased productivity and application flexibility

  • Intuitive interface and large display - Grade setup has never been easier. Save time on preparation and setup with quick and hassle-free dial-in grades.
  • New Leica RC 800 remote control - Increase productivity and flexibility by effortlessly monitoring and changing grades up to 300 meters.
  • Axis Alignment function and the Leica Rod Eye 180 RF laser receiver - Where more accurate setups are necessary.  They automatically align laser axes to the position of grade stakes to deliver the most reliable results.
  • Innovative Automated Calibration capability – Save costs by calibrating the laser on-the-spot without the need to bring it to a specialist.


Lowest cost of ownership
Leica Geosystems offers unmatched warranty concept for Rugby 880 and 870 construction lasers – PROTECT by Leica Geosystems.

  • The Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty covers the entire product lifetime. Free of charge repair or replacement for all products that suffer defects as a result of faults in materials or manufacturing.  The two year No Cost period includes the repair or replacement of all defective parts including labour time, adjustment and calibration.
  • By registering the Rugby 880 and 870 online within eight weeks from the purchase date, the No Cost period can be extended to five years*.
  • Should any knockdown occur within two years, all repairs to the internal self-levelling system will be covered under the warranty policy. Both grade lasers are delivered with a long-lasting Li-Ion battery.

* Available for free through online registration within eight weeks from the purchase date


Download the Leica Rugby 880 & 870 brochure and learn more about the applications of these fully-automatic grade lasers.

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