Leica MC1

3D machine control software for your construction site


To support the digitisation of the heavy construction industry, Leica Geosystems offers a revolutionising software platform for all machine control solutions. Consolidating all machine applications, Leica MC1 is the one-for-all software solution platform to guide and automate all heavy construction machines.

Comparing the design model to the actual position of the machine’s cutting edge, such as the bucket or blade edge, MC1 machine control software assists the operator to position the machine to achieve the planned design. MC1 software automatically controls the position of the machine’s cutting edge, increasing efficiency for operators on construction sites.

Leica MC1 is carried by the rugged hardware platform, the Leica MCP80 panel and MDS Series docking station, ensuring an interchangeable panel between machines on a job site. The new MC1 platform is fully integrated into the heavy construction workflow, supported by the cloud-based Leica ConX productivity platform for more efficient management of heavy construction projects.

Improved Data handling

MC1 software simplifies design data handling and is open to all standard design data types, enabling a flexible dataflow to support common workflows on a job site. All machinery on the construction site, as well as Leica Geosystems’ field solution iCON site, are now running on the same design data structure, meaning that no data conversion is required. Furthermore, a seamless data transfer between machines, field units within the job site and office are guaranteed.

Reduce costs, increase productivity

Consistency in software design throughout all heavy machine control applications reduces our customers’ training efforts and optimises their learning curve. The same software platform can be used with different sensor configurations, which improves scalability and training. Furthermore, installers benefit from simplified installation and service processes.

Simplified Work Progress

Get the job done faster and with accuracy with an intuitive and easy-to-use user interface. Work more efficiently with MC1’s surface logging functionality for excavators, dozers, graders, rollers and snow groomers. The surface log displays on the run screen as a live heatmap, the colours of the heat map indicate the distance from the tool edge history to the target height. An intelligent licensing system facilitates adding another machine solution, giving users complete flexibility in their machine control solutions.

Increase Safety Awareness

PA80 integrates a unique alert solution with MC1 machine control software to raise worker awareness and help prevent on-site accidents. The machine operator receives visual and audible warnings directly on the in-cabin display. Pedestrians with a PA10 tag can trigger a panic alert that will notify the machine operators or vehicle drivers with PA10 or PA80 within the 50 m range. Integration into MC1 allows for less hardware in the cabin and one point of focus which will increase the operator’s overview of the construction site.

Simplified work progress

An intuitive graphical interface with custom-centred design supports our customers in getting their job done faster and more precise. The software interface is uncluttered and with familiar symbols to help the operator focus on the important steps. An intelligent licensing system facilitates the add-on of another machine solution, giving users full flexibility in their machine control solutions.

The Intelligent Site Construction Brochure

Your comprehensive guide to everything Heavy Construction
Your comprehensive guide to everything Heavy Construction

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Leica ConX

Real-time data-sharing for an entire construction project.

Heavy construction worker in orange safety overall measures with tilted pole with the Leica iCON GPS 70 and a Leica iCON CC80 field controller.

Leica iCON gps 70

Ultimate GNSS Rover and field solution for maximum efficiency. Tilt compensation functionality allows higher number of point measurements per day. Speed up – anytime, anywhere.


Leica MCP80 3D Machine Control Panel & Leica MDS Series Docking Station

One-for-all 3D Machine Control panel and docking station