Leica Pegasus:WebViewer

Leica Pegasus:WebViewer

Browser-Independent data sharing platform on the cloud

SiRailScan by Leica Geosystems - Mobile Sensor Platforms - Software

SiRailScan by Leica Geosystems

SiRailScan by Leica Geosystems is a complete software package providing extraction and analysis of 3-D laser scan data for the rail industry.

ATrack Suite by Leica Geosystems

Modular software assists the intelligent processing of railway infrastructure data.

WEBINAR: From Static to Mobile Scanning: What You Need to Know Before You Make Your Move

In this 60-minute webinar, Joseph Romano of Langan and Josh Rayburn of Leica Geosystems will walk you through the benefits of adding mobile mapping to your static scanning...

WEBINAR: SLAM in a Backpack: The Next Generation of 3D Mapping

Join Kristian Morin and Joshua Rayburn of Leica Geosystems as they help you navigate the potential of SLAM (simultaneous location and mapping).