Leica SafeLoad

"High-Wide" Laser Measurement and Documentation System


Load inspectors across the freight railroad industry face a challenging task each time they are required to measure a dimensional or “high-wide” load. Accurate measurements are critical for safe transport. This task used to be extremely difficult, dangerous, and time consuming.

Leica SafeLoad has set a new standard for accuracy, efficiency, standardization, documentation, and safety. The only system of its kind, SafeLoad is the first portable, laser-based measurement and documentation product designed specifically for the dimensional load transportation industry. SafeLoad has been implemented throughout the USA by Class I & II railroads, transportation firms, equipment manufacturers, and a major university. 



Loads can be measured from the ground, reducing or eliminating hazards associated with climbing on the load, ladders, or working from man-lifts while measuring with manual tools. Minimize clearance related collision potential with high-accuracy laser measurements.


High-precision laser measurements combined with specialized software designed specifically for dimensional loads, provides unprecedented accuracy. Errors associated with irregular car decks and uneven track are reduced or eliminated. Automated data recording eliminates human mathematical errors, transcription errors, and inflating of dimensions.


Reduce staff requirements by at least 50% on day one. Measuring with SafeLoad only requires one person. No more cumbersome extension ladders or man-lifts. Simply sight the location that you want to measure and press “Measure”. Height ATR and width is computed and instantly displayed with no post-processing of data. Eliminate driving back to the office and manual data entry into your clearance system. SafeLoad Sync enables automatic data transfer directly from the job site. SafeLoad Dashboard provides a 360º view of your high-wide business with real-time measurement monitoring and analytics SmartMap. Loads are cleared faster and customer service levels increased. 


The SafeLoad digital format provides unprecedented details about the load. Automated profile plotting during the measurement, allows the inspector to see the results in real-time and compare the profile plot with the actual load. The measurement workflow enables inspectors to capture photo documentation of the load. Important items such as securement details and any damage on the load can be documented. Clearance managers benefit from the many ways data are sorted and reported. A composite profile is automatically computed and plotted, eliminating significant time historically required by clearance bureau personnel. 


The patent pending SafeLoad method provides an on-screen, guided workflow, resulting in a standardization across the rail industry. Hundreds of inspectors have been trained on the system through our certification course, which combines classroom lecture and hands-on field exercises. Upon completion of SafeLoad training, inspectors are fully prepared to capture highly accurate and repeatable measurements.