Leica Aibot SX – UAV Solution for Surveying

Digitise your surveying site in less time to create orthophotos, point clouds and 3D models for cadastral survey and asset collection

Leica Aibot

Professional surveying, geo mapping and asset inspection are dynamic processes, and the base for many engineering projects. The Leica Aibot SX brings several improvements to the surveying industry by capturing data faster to generate accurate orthophotos, 3D models and point clouds in high density.


Efficient flight planning simplifies parameters essential for professional photogrammetry. UAV surveying has been proven to be faster, safer and more cost effective than traditional survey, making it the perfect addition to the traditional surveying equipment portfolio. Leica Aibot SX flying parameters can be optimised for each application from identifying property boundary lines over topographic mapping to insurance value assessments and classification.

Leica Aibot SX improves efficiency

  • Faster completion of project thanks to lesser set-ups

  • High resolution and accuracy

  • Brings survey from the site to the office

  • Captures and stores information of a place at a specific time


3D mapping

With the millions of points recorded, operators, contractors and surveyors can generate precise 3D point clouds with Leica Infinity using easy-to-use software like Hexagon’s 3D Reshaper for analysis, assessment and to provide a digital image of the reality.

Asset inspection

Traditional inspection of remote assets like bridges, transmission lines and railway networks are unsafe and tedious undertakings. UAVs can reach and inspect assets remotely keeping staff safe to increase deployment efficiency and avoid expensive safety shut-downs

Cadastral survey

Land and cadastral survey of local areas such as new urban developments and suburbs are ideal projects for UAV data capture. Accurate, high-resolution orthophotos provide the base map to mark boundary lines, assess properties and identify encroachment.

Intelligent Aerial Construction

Professional surveying, geo-mapping and asset inspection are dynamic processes and the foundation for many engineering projects. Developing urban areas and managing existing infrastructure requires accurate base maps and spatial data. Leica Geosystems’ new UAV solution for surveying, the Leica Aibot SX, provides reliable technology to generate highly accurate data.

Solution set up


This UAV platform provides high-performance flying performance and safety for the Leica Aibot adoption in the surveying and construction industries.


The easy to use interface and high-performance flight execution specifically designed for the Leica Aibot are the foundation of the new Leica skyCAPP.


Only the best ist good enough. Discover the sensors that will complete your UAV surveying and mapping solution for best performance.

White Paper - Unlocking the full potential of aerial data

Integrating UAV data acquisition as part of the existing workflows is important. This allows automation which reduces human error but even more importantly saves time and makes results comparable and repeatable. This allows automation which reduces human error but even more importantly saves time and makes results comparable and repeatable. Next to the hardware, the industry has realised that software and services are just as important. Download this exclusive white paper by Drone Industry Insights (DII) to find out how the right workflow can improve the entire process of aerial data acquisition and therefore your day-to-day operations.

Case Studies

How to measure an island

Using the UAV by Leica Geosystems, Atlantic Geomatics surveyed a cultural heritage site using a new workflow.

When electricity is on the line

Using an unmanned aerial vehicle for vegetation management

Using UAV for bridge inspection

By creating highly precise data for bridge inspections, AiviewGroup is getting ahead in surveying, maintaining and inspecting.

The mountain calls

Using an UAV to measure the depth of a lake in Switzerland


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