Laser Scanning for Forensics and Public Safety

Leverage the power of point clouds for disaster recovery, security planning, scene investigation, border patrol, route mapping and more.

Public Safety

The safety of the public depends on your ability to accurately and quickly document scenes and communicate the important facts to your colleagues and the public.

Too often, the field and the office are out of sync, with Leica Geosystems' solution for public safety, information flows seamlessly from on-site investigators to colleagues in the office in real-time. Simply scan, process and publish to create visual walk throughs and ensure you are capturing everything you need the first time.

The Leica Geosystems solution prevents personnel from reentering a crime scene, providing another barrier against scene contamination and ensuring you have what you need to analyse the scene and deliver compelling evidence. Our solutions cover an array of unique tasks with the highest accuracy and provide the most qualified court-ready documentation. Partnering with police departments and investigative units, we support this critical work with solutions, from laser scanners to incident mapping software.


Case Studies

JFK: New light on a tragedy

Solving one of the most well-known historical mysteries of the 20th century with 3D laser scanning.

Homicide scene

Kansas crime lab’s trial test of new Leica Geosystems 3D laser scanner at a homicide scene provides a powerful demonstration of the forensic tool’s benefits.

Two terrorist attacks

Killeen, Texas Police Department Forensic Team, using a Leica Geosystems 3D scanner, plays a crucial role in crime scene mapping of two notorious high-profile incidents.

Investing in supporting police procurement

How Leica Geosystems has built up a deep understanding of collision and crime-scene investigation work

Why Police are using the Leica BLK360 for Laser Scanning Major Crime Scenes

South Wales Police has found the BLK360 works well in confined indoor spaces, enabling them to rapidly and accurately capture crime scenes and then ‘revisit’ them much later.

Leica Aibot AX20 gets put through its paces by the British military

The Ministry of Defence has extensively tested the Leica AX20 Aibot aerial surveying copter, via a specialist unit which oversees the development and innovation of cutting-edge remotely piloted aircraft systems.






Infographic - 15 Steps to Digitise your Forensics Workflow

Public safety officials have one chance to document a scene and there is no room for error. From ensuring the exact capture of a crime or accident scene so no critical piece of evidence is left out to quickly clearing an incident to restore normal operations, these professionals need precision, speed and safety. Leica Geosystems offers the tools you need to document scenes quickly and accurately and communicate results to colleagues with confidence.

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Laser Scanning Industry Applications

With the introduction of laser scanning, measuring and documenting is simplified and improved across all industries.

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Public Safety - Digitalised

Learn how reality capture is transforming public safety around the world – from crime scenes to street protests.

Recreating crime scenes with Laser Scanning

Reporter caught up with Johnson's County Sheriff Office criminalistics laboratory during HxGN LIVE 2018 to learn how laser scanning solutions is bringing people back to any crime scene.

How the Leica RTC360 Changes the Game for Public Safety Professionals

3D laser scanning for public safety professionals has made impressive strides toward the future. From homicides to traffic collisions, never before has an investigator been able to capture scenes with such high levels of detail.

Solutions for Smart Cities: Forensics solutions

Geosystems Director, Roland Raith, shows how to use reality capture technologies and forensics data to investigate, analyse, respond to, recover from, and ultimately, prevent incidents.

The CSI Effect HDS Webinar

The HDS product management team discuss and demonstrate the key aspects of our HDS solutions from the approach of traditional crime scene investigation response.