Leica Aibot CX – UAV Solution for Construction

Digitise your construction site in less time to document progress and calculate volumes

Leica Aibot

Requirements and expectations from engineers, site manager, construction companies, regulators and public administrations keep increasing. When more material needs to be moved quicker and operating margins get tighter, the bar for new technologies is raised.


To get a clear and up-to-date view over construction progress and earthmovings, the Leica Aibot CX solution allows to capture accurate data to monitor and survey the construction site. It opens opportunities for daily progress documentation, stockpile monitoring and resource tracking to increase efficiency.Leica Aibot CX is an additional solution within the Leica Geosystems offering bringing the construction site into the digital age and turning data into intelligent information to improve decision making processes.


Leica Aibot CX improves performance:

  • Current data of the construction site used as basis for progress reporting, stock pile management, and more

  • Centimeter accuracy data to trust

  • Enhanced safety with remote data capture

  • Efficiency increased by no need to interrupt construction work during data capture

  • Share one data set with all stakeholders


Volume calculations


Calculating volumes of stockpiles becomes an easy task when executed with a UAV compared to traditional surveying methods. The Leica Aibot CX captures thousands of points from the air in a fraction of the time. The data is used to create a 3D model for more accurate volume calculations.

Progress reporting


Flying and capturing data regularly according to a pre-defined flight plan provides a transparent view of the site progression throughout the project lifecycle and allows to document and compare the as-built status with the design while tracking resources.

Topographic survey


Accurate and recent topographic data and orthophotos of the area are the base for the planning and design phases of construction projects. UAVs can provide recent and regularly updated images and point clouds for highest accuracy topographic information.

Intelligent Aerial Construction

Construction sites change constantly, making consistent documentation and a good information flow the key to completing any project successfully. Leica Geosystems’ new aerial survey solution for construction, the Leica Aibot CX, turns data into information, giving you a new perspective of your construction site.

Solution set up


This UAV platform provides high-performance flying performance and safety for the Leica Aibot adoption in the surveying and construction industries.


The easy to use interface and high-performance flight execution specifically designed for the Leica Aibot are the foundation of the new Leica skyCAPP.


Only the best ist good enough. Discover the sensors that will complete your UAV surveying and mapping solution for best performance.

White Paper - Unlocking the full potential of aerial data

Integrating UAV data acquisition as part of the existing workflows is important. This allows automation which reduces human error but even more importantly saves time and makes results comparable and repeatable. This allows automation which reduces human error but even more importantly saves time and makes results comparable and repeatable. Next to the hardware, the industry has realised that software and services are just as important. Download this exclusive white paper by Drone Industry Insights (DII) to find out how the right workflow can improve the entire process of aerial data acquisition and therefore your day-to-day operations.

Case Studies

Monitoring of a construction site

By using Leica Geosystems UAV, it was possible to carry out a complete and accurate condition survey of the construction project every week without entering the site.

Land Air Water

Calculating material volume and modelling quarries using the Aibotix Aibot X6.

Digitising an urban construction site

Using the UAV from Leica Geosystems to monitor highway construction progress, IngenieurTeam GEO is obtaining the highest accuracy in surveying, preservation of evidence and...

Highway construction in Norway

Using the UAV from Leica Geosystems to monitor highway construction progress, Hawkeye AS is tracking costs of mass movements, documenting progress and keeping stakeholders...


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