Leica HxMap Enabler

Common workflow management interface for Leica HxMap high-performance post-processing software

The Leica HxMap Enabler module includes the core software of Leica HxMap, the Workflow Manager as well as a sensor-specific HxMap Enabler license, which activates post-processing features based on sensor type. The bundle is required to run a HxMap workflow.

With the HxMap Enabler module in place you can load and review existing HxMap sessions into the Workflow Managers MapView, inspect image details in a QC View or load products, such as ortho images or point clouds, into a demo perspective for review.

HxMap Workflow Manager
The Workflow Manager offers a smooth common workflow interface for all software modules. It shows various perspectives offering functionality from quality control and product generation to basic and advanced city modelling. These features can be activated as desired via the specific HxMap bundle.

One license is required for each interactive use of the HxMap post-processing software.

HxMap Enabler
The HxMap Enabler license is sensor specific. Whichever sensor data of the Leica Geosystems airborne sensor portfolio you wish to process, it will require its own sensor-type dependent HxMap Enabler license. One license is required per processing pool.

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