iCON site v7.5 Software Release

Introducing new features and improvements

An Leica iCON CC200 tablet/field controller used on a pick up truck and on a surveying pole with an iCON GNSS Smart Antenna for heavy construction applications.

The Leica iCON portfolio for the heavy construction industry offers a comprehensive set of solutions for construction professionals that need to accomplish their daily tasks on time, accurately, and with no mistakes. Thanks to the construction-tailored hardware and software, changing from traditional analogue methods or optimising existing digital workflows has never been easier. And as we strive to provide you with what you need to do your job right, we would like to inform you about the latest Leica iCON field software improvement and features.


Tutustu infrarakentamisen ammattilaisille kehitettyyn iCon build 7.5 versioon ja sen etuihin.                             

1. Leica iCON CC200 - your new on-site partner

With the latest version 7.5, the iCON field software can now be used with the recently introduced Leica iCON CC200 field controller. This is a rugged 10’’ field controller for longer operating times and use cases requiring large amounts of data. Users can enjoy better visibility when using the Leica iCON site excavator application, thanks to the portrait mode.

2. New - Elevation map and contour lines

Surface validation/visual inspection is improved with the introduction of the Elevation map and the Contour lines at desired height interval. In order to stakeout contour lines, a new tool called “Contour Lines” has been introduced in Stakeout application. With this tool, the defined contour lines can be stored into a xml file. The contour lines from this file can be staked or used in other applications.

3. New - Join and break lines

In Leica iCON field software v7.0, we introduced the possibility for existing lines or arcs to be extended and connected to a single polyline, without the need to use an office software. In the latest version, we further enhance the functionality, as it is now possible to break polylines into line segments or several smaller polylines by using the new tool “Break Polylines” within the Draw application.

4. Polyline creation improvement and new delete options

Points from a polyline can be deleted without deleting the whole polyline. When a point is selected, the adjacent line segments get deleted together with the point. It is still possible to delete the polyline by selecting the whole line.

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