Mining integration reaches new heights in the Andes

Chapter 2: Honouring change

Honouring change

In June 2016, Grupo México was acknowledged as a Shaping Smart Change honouree at HxGN LIVE in Anaheim. Honourees are chosen for pushing the boundaries of innovation and implementing Hexagon technology to shape smart change around the world. Hexagon President Ola Rollén and Hexagon Mining President Hélio Samora were on hand to recognise Sanchez and Grupo México in a special ceremony.

In an interview at the event, Sanchez said the company is now pursuing Hexagon’s safety technologies for further integration.

“We are in constant search for optimisation and key technologies,” said Sanchez. “Upon installation of the Jigsaw system for our communications, we have also worked with Hexagon to add mobility and to be able to transmit HD-video quality with 100 per cent guarantee.

“We currently offer seven applications on the same platform such as radar control, pump systems, video systems, etc. All of this is integrated in a single platform, thanks to modern technology by Hexagon Mining. We are very happy with these systems.”

Sanchez enjoyed HxGN LIVE and said he was impressed with the new technology offered by Hexagon Mining, such as the IDS Interferometric Mine Slope Radar.

“With one radar, we could achieve 360-degree coverage for monitoring the profile of the mine within one plan,” said Sanchez. “Aside from the 360-degree view, the system is portable so we do not need to install electricity or additional construction for the equipment. In terms of maintenance and upkeep, the system's compact size is certainly a key factor to consider.

“This has impressed me greatly and I will be taking this information to share with the specialists at the mine. I believe it will be a good solution for them to consider.”

“Grupo Mexico is committed to improving efficiency across the overall mining process.”

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Story: Mining integration reaches new heights in the andes
Chapter 1: Stabilising the unstable with Jigsaw
Chapter 2: Honouring change

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